Phantom Glide

Fully Coated PTA Catheter

Phantom Image


  • Designed for challending PTA procedures
  • High RBP
  • Excellent rewrapping

Steerability and Strength.

The Phantom is PanMed's workhorse PTA over the wire catheter for use in a broad spectrum of interventional procedures.

Both the Phantom and the Phanom Glide (with hydrophilic coating for extra pushability) are five folded to ensure an ultra-low profile and have outstanding deliverability through a 5F introducer. Additionally, the balloons are designed for optimal strength with a rated burst pressure of 22atm.

Available in a wide range of sizes, the Phantom/Phantom Glide is the most versatile PTA catheter in our range.

  • Tip flexibility when deflated - allows for exceptional trackability through tortuous vessels and ultra high conformance.
  • Tapered balloon - for enhanced transition across stenosis.
  • Hydrophilic coating for the most challenging PTA procedures.
  • Platinum-iridium markers for reliable positioning within the stenosis.
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