Large diameter dilatation catheter

Boa Image


  • Available as up to a 30mm diameter balloon on a 6-8F low profile catheter
  • High pressure balloon inflation
  • Hydrophilic coating as standard

Bigger volume, wider angioplasty applications

The Boa from PanMed is a large diameter PTA catheter designed for use in novel procedures and interventions where a standard PTA catheter just won't do.

Available in diameters or up to 20mm, the Boa is still manufactured to PanMed's outstanding standards and so maintains a low profile of 6-7F thanks to its five folded design. Nor strength compromised with a rated burst pressure of up to 20atm.

  • Up to a 20mm balloon on 6-7F low profile catheters.
  • High pressure balloon for up to 20atm inflation.
  • Hydrophilic coating for enhanced pushability.
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