Cobalt chromium balloon expandable peripheral stent

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The Peribalt is PAN Medical’s workhorse peripheral stent. Made from cobalt chromium, it has a lower profile than a similar steel stent. Featuring PAN Medical’s unique ‘s-strut’ design the Peribalt is the new evolution of the original Perico stent and brings with it 15 years of experience in stent manufacture and design.


  • Developed with up to a 35% reduction in strut thickness
  • Cobalt Chromium alloys are far more rediopaque than stainless steel - for precise visualisation and positioning
  • The stent structure has low profile - providing improved flexibility
  • Pre-mounted on a 5-folded balloon - to allow uniform stent expansion
  • Low profile of crimped stent - allows outstanding delivery capabilities
  • 0.018” and 0.035” guidewires
  • Exceptionally high radial strength
  • Minimum shortening of expanded stent
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